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2020 Chargers Lacrosse Registration


Welcome to the 2020 Chargers Lacrosse Registration!


1.   Once you have read this page, scroll to the bottom of the page and log into your Sports Engine account or if you are a new user, create an account.  Fill out the on-line registration forms. We will not be having an in-person registration night so all registration must be done online and payment received prior to February 28, 2020.

Please note it is possible teams could fill prior to February 28th as we have a limited number of teams and spots.  If you plan to play, please register as soon as possible.   

2.  The Chargers are currently registering boys and girls ages U8-U14 (grades 1-8) who reside and/or attend school in the Duluth and Two Harbors areas.  This includes public or private schools.   Superior players of all ages should register with Superior.  

If you are unsure where you should play lacrosse, here is a link to a helpful chart to show you where to play.

3.    During the registration process you will be required to provide your US Lacrosse membership information.  The site will direct you on how to obtain or renew a membership.  It will not allow you to proceed through registration until the player's US Lacrosse membership is current for this season. 

4.  You will also be required to submit player and parent information, health insurance information and sign on-line consent forms.

5.  Fundraising is mandatory this year.  There is a $100 fee which goes to purchasing 5, $20 coupon cards that can be sold by families.   You will keep money from the cards that are sold. If you wish to  earn additional money for lacrosse , additional cards can be checked out at the kick off event and sold .  $10 of each card sold will be kept by the seller. Prizes will be available as an incentive to sell extra cards.  

6. New U8 and U 10 boys at all levels that register before February 15 receive a $50 discount.  New players are players that are new to the Chargers Lacrosse Organization. There are no registration fees for girls.

7. Please note that your player will not be able to participate in any lacrosse activities until the on-line registration form is completed, US lacrosse membership is obtained and all registration fees are paid.

8. Coaches and Volunteers needed! Coaches are needed this year, especially at Boys U8 and U10 levels and all levels of girls teams.  Training will be provided.  Volunteers are also needed for board positions, managing teams and equipment.  Please consider and sign up later in this registration. 

2020 Levels of Play and Registration Fees

Level of Play Grades Returning Player Reg Fee New Player Discount through 2/15 Mandatory Fundraising Fee*
U8 Boys 1-2 $100 $50 $100
U8 Girls 1-2 n/a n/a $100
U10 Boys 3-4 $150 $50 $100
U10 Girls 3-4 n/a n/a $100
U12 Boys 5-6 $250 n/a $100
U12 Girls 5-6 n/a n/a $100
U14 Boys 7-8 $250 n/a $100
U14 Girls 7-8 n/a n/a $100
*Max of $200 per family. Fee covers purchase of $20 coupon cards which can be sold

2020 Player Fees, Volunteering Expectations and Fundraising Requirements

Registration Fees*:  Player fees are noted on the table above. 

Volunteering: All families will be expected to help during the season during games with timekeeping, score keeping, and other game related tasks. The Cooler By the Lake Tournament will be held June 12-14 this year at UMD. The tournament will be a big opportunity to build a fundraising foundation that will make it possible to forgo things like the pizza fundraiser or coupon cards.  In order to run a successful tournament, we will require a large volunteer effort from lacrosse families.  Volunteering for the tournament will be MANDATORY.  We understand that some families will be out of town or have multiple commitments that weekend.  There will be opportunities to fulfill your volunteer requirement by doing organizational activities before the actual tournament.  If you know you will be unable to volunteer the actual tournament weekend, please consider volunteering for pre-tournament organizational activities. In addition to these duties, there are other volunteer opportunities we need help with. Please review the list during registration and choose the tasks you can help with. 

Fundraising: There is a mandatory fundraising fee of $100.  At the kick off event, for the $100, you will receive 5 coupon cards that can be sold for $20 each.  You will keep the cash from the 5 mandatory cards.  There is a maximum fundraising fee of $200 per family.  If you would like to further defray your lacrosse expenses, additional cards will be available to check out at the Kick Off Event that can be sold for $20 ($10 profit to the family selling).  Prizes are also being offered as an incentive to sell additional cards.    Additional fundraising information is available here.  

*Fees do not include gear, or annual US Lacrosse Membership dues; both of which are needed to play. (See the Required Equipment page on our website for more information on player equipment)

Fees also do not include travel expenses.

US Lacrosse Requirement

US Lacrosse Membership is required, as it provides additional liability insurance. All renewing members MUST renew now regardless of expiration date.  Your US Lacrosse expiration date must be valid through August 2020.

US Lacrosse Membership fees are paid directly to US Lacrosse:

$30 - Players under the age of 15

Register with US Lacrosse here.



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:  

Kelly Eder